Creating a Nation: A Guide

Firstly, this guide was created by Reed Oberlander using research conducted both over the internet and from print sources. This guide is not endorsed by any organization, and it reflects the beliefs of the creator alone. This guide is meant for educational purposes, and any nations created as a result of exposure to this guide do so of their own accord and for their own purposes, undertaking all responsibility and consequences regarding their venture. This guide is meant to encourage thinking and consideration of what it takes to create a nation. If you decide to create a nation after reading this guide, best wishes to you.

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So you'd like to create a nation? Great for you- taking your life into your own hands. Or perhaps you'd just like to learn the general process of how nations are created. Either way, this is the place to learn.

Necessities for Creating a Nation (in the recommended order)

1. A reason: No nation exists without a reason for its existence. Many nations exist for the leaders to best serve the citizens. Some nations exist with the leaders usurping power from the people. Some nations exist because the citizens have become disenfranchised with their previous government. Whatever the reason for the creation of a nation (and I will not pass judgement on these reasons) it is important that the creator(s) of the nation-to-be have a purpose behind creating the nation. A goal is essential for success, and it also provides part of a national identity and a unified belief that the nation stands for something.

2. A leader and citizens: The leader (or leaders) serve as the voice of the nation, able to speak both for it (to other countries, regarding external affairs) and to it (to the citizens, regarding internal affairs). Also important are followers. While a leader may exist without followers, this would be an incomplete and non-powerful leader because the leader's (and the country's) power comes from the might of the people's abilities. The leader is able to speak for the cause and unite the people in their struggle for nationhood along the lines of whatever it is they have in common.

3. Territory: Once a movement has a reason to act and a leader to speak on its behalf, the country needs to gain a territory where the citizens may reside. While this aspect may seem as though it is less importance, or that it should appear further down the list, the whole reason that the nation is being created is so that someday those working towards its creation may have their own country, which includes land. The land serves as a symbol of where these people come from, both physically and metaphorically. In observing many historical accounts, land is always important factor in creating a new nation. Take, for example the American Revolution in which battles were fought for the control of land which would become a new nation (link here). During the creation of the state of Israel, land was a very important issue and point of contention (link here). Land serves to unify people and give them something tangible for which they further their cause. Territory represents the idea that when one controls their own land, they can control their own lives. Obtaining territory in today's growing world is increasingly a great obstacle to new nations. This is discussed in depth below under the subtitle: Ideas For New Nations.

4. Security: What good is newly gained land without the ability to maintain control over it? Security need not mean simply building a military which can physically defend the nation, it can mean having land that is inaccessible to attackers, land that is unwanted by others, or even working diplomatically with other countries to ensure that good relations are maintained, which should take care of security. This also brings us to the next point.

5. Ability to hold relations with other nations: It may seem odd that this appears before a domestic government, and in some cases a national government should come before this point, but relations with other nations appears first here because often other nations are a greater threat to newly formed nations than any internal affairs. When a nation can talk to other nations it can keep them from misunderstanding the intent of the new nation and can also possibly bring aid. Recognition may also follow from having relations with other nations, and although recognition is not necessary to become a nation, it definitely gives legitimacy and can ease tensions.

6. Government: Many of these points are also covered in the Montevideo Convention, a link to my article regarding the Convention may be found here. Government is important because it allows the country to function along its own guidelines, or rules which it sets. Anarchy will not keep a country going, and it may only work in a micronation. A government allows for solutions to problems, and also serves as a way of administering the nation. The government can solve both foreign and domestic issues and should ideally be fair to keep the citizens happy, but lack of this does not preclude a nation from calling itself such.

7. Infrastructure: This includes many things: buildings, roads, jobs, businesses, factories, a system of exchanging goods. These and many other related aspects are vital to the long term success of a country, and after the initial founding of a country, measures should be taken to establish a system in which infrastructure will grow. It is also important to understand that a country does not do well without the ability to produce goods, whether it consumes these itself or exports them and imports others, a country needs to have a way of sustaining its way of life.

8. National Symbols: from national anthems and flags to currency and postage, even talented personalities or a national language. All of these serve to build a national identity which will help to ensure the nation continues and thrives.

Ideas For New Nations

1. Finding territory is difficult, as previously mentioned. Taking territory from another nation allows a new nation to gain its own, at the cost of making an enemy. When taking territory from existing nations is not plausible, creativity may be employed in creating territory. This strategy is employed more by micronations which do not have the power to take land from existing nations. Such creative strategies include building islands (from sand or other materials) such as was done in the Republic of Minerva (link here). Creating a nation out of a floating vessel may also be considered creating a nation, though this is disputed as to if the vessel would technically be considered territory. Sometimes (rarely) land is unclaimed by any country, and this can be claimed by a new country, such as Bir Tawil (site here).

2. In creating a government, it may serve a new country well to consider modelling its government off of a government which the nation believes is successful because doing so will have a twofold benefit: it means that the style of government has been proven to be successful before, and it reduces the amount of work necessary for the new nation in creating a government. Basing a style of government is a smart idea, and perhaps the new nation may even base their doctrine off of an existing country's doctrine, with slight modifications.

3. Keeping the population happy and on the side of the government is important to ensuring the future of the nation. While this is not necessary (nor is it necessary to have a population greater than 1), it does make it easier for a nation to survive without internal struggle.

The most important aspect of creating a new nation is to make sure that it is being created to reflect the beliefs of the creators. This is the essential reason that you are creating a nation, so ensure that it is well demonstrated in the new nation you are creating. In creating your nation you are standing up for what you believe in, congratulations!


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