Sunday, December 23, 2012

Creation of Israel

The nation of Israel existed in antiquity, but in modern times it came to existence on 14 May 1948, following World War Two in which the Jewish people had been heavily discriminated against by Nazi Germany. The Jews in Europe, despite now being free of Hitler's hatred, were scattered throughout Europe and feared future discrimination. For this reason, the state of Israel was created for the purpose of acting as a homeland for the Jewish people.

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The modern creation of Israel reflects some of the reasons why nations are created.

Religion: The state of Israel was created to be a homeland for the Jewish people where they could live safely, free from discrimination in other countries.

War: The state of Israel was created as a result of World War Two. Although the Jewish people were not fighting in the war in the conventional (military) sense, they were fighting discrimination and the very real possibility of death or imprisonment.

Of course the creation of this new nation brought conflict to the region. Almost immediately following Israel's creation, it was attacked by the neighboring Arab countries. These nations were not happy that a new nation had been created, taking land and recognition from Palestine and which also held a religion which came into conflict with their own largely Islamic beliefs.

Israel is a good example of both how a nation could have existed in antiquity (before the current definition of nation existed) and in modernity as well as some of the challenges new nations encounter.

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