Saturday, January 19, 2013

Conch Republic

The Conch Republic (link here) is a micronation founded on 23 April 1982. The micronation is rather large as far as micronations go, consisting of several thousand citizens as opposed to the few that many micronations consist of. The nation seceded from the United States in protest of a government border checkpoint which was established on the only road from the Florida Keys to the mainland. This blockade created horrible traffic and damaged the tourist economy. The people seceded as a political demonstration more so than they did for the purpose of creating a true nation, but nonetheless the nation was created for a purpose or reason. The nation followed many of the steps outlined in the page on this website regarding creating a nation (link here).

The Conch Republic is unique among micronations in that it deals with issues in a humorous manner. Their mottos are, "We seceded where others failed" and, "The mitigation of world tension through the exercise of humor". The purpose of creating the micronation was to create a change in the United States more than to create a completely new and self sufficient nation. The primary purpose was achieved, as the checkpoint was removed.

This nation serves as an example of how creating a nation can bring about change, whether it be in the mother or daughter nation. Creating a nation is a powerful statement that change is necessary.